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AIESEC Alumni Japan Association fully supports and promotes the initiative.


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How To Join Origami for Japan Initiative

Why to fold Origami and Send It to Japan?

Support in ways of funding or material donation is important and will be needed to reconstruct the country. The level of damage is incredible and moral support is of great importance to get the reconstruction machine running. The origami chains from all over the world will do more than you imagine. It shows the Japanese people that they are not alone; we think about them and pray for them. Take A4 size (letter) sheet, cut off part to make it square and fold a crane according to instructions below (can be done in 3 minutes). Get bunch of friends to do the same and tie them together. Then have your name carried over to Japan and provide encouragement needed to rebuild the country.

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Fund Raising Initiatives

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Origami for Japan Global Team

We, Origami for Japan team, are striving to find ways to help our friends and their families in Tohoku area to receive basic supplies.

6 Responses to 加入我们

  1. Yuki says:

    Thank you for sharing this website. It is a real encouragement for us. I have been very much distressed but we will recover! Thank you. Means a lot to me. Yuki, Sendai

  2. Kohei says:

    Jan and the team,

    As an AIESEC alumni from Japan, it’s such a great pleasure to see that old friends from all over the world stand up and being so supportive for us :-)

    Yes, we’re having difficult times but I now understand we’re not walking alone.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Kohei, President of AIESEC in Japan 2001/02

  3. Horacio says:

    Abrazos y fuerza hermanos y hermanas del sol, desde el sur.
    (Google translator: Hugs and strength brothers and sisters of the sun, from the south.)

  4. Rattan Chan Reth says:

    To all my fellow aisecers in Japan! Know that we are with you, we pray for your speedy recovery. Keep your spirit up friends! We are with you!

  5. Rattan Chan Reth says:

    If i want to make some postcards and origami to send to people affected by the tsunami, where do I send the origami or postcards to?

    Rattana ICX (UWA) 2001/2004

  6. Jan says:

    Please send these to Mr. Kinashi’s address in Japan, listed at the “Join” site. AIESEC network in Japan will facilitate distribution to the hospitals and refuge centers. Thank you!