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Noticias del Área de Tohoku

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Radiation levels along Tohoku Shinkansen - 0.063 microsieverts/hour in Sendai as of 3rd of May / continue to decrease. CT Scan exposure is 6900 microsieverts.

April 11 / Another M 7.0 after shock hits northeastern Japan

With epicenter in Fukushima, M 7.0 quake hit north-eastern Japan at 5:16 PM, local time, on Monday. The Meteorological Agency issued tsunami warnings for the coastal areas of Ibaraki Prefecture.

April 8 / Massive earthquake hits Japan again

A magnitude 7.4 earthquake shocked disaster-hit northeastern Japan Thursday night.
The Meteorological Agency had issued a tsunami warning along the Pacific coast of Miyagi and other prefectures, but all the alerts were lifted early Friday.


>> Aquí puedes ver noticias del Área de Tohoku

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