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Origami for Japan together with the Million Cranes Project will take part in Tanabata Festival in Sendai on 6th through 8th August.

Took place

June 30th, As a part of L’Oreal’s “Le Citizen Day”, the Origami for Japan Event took place in Paris.

At 4 major venues, employees of L’Oreal France have folded more than 5000 cranes for Japan in Chevilly, Aulnay, Asnières, Clichy and Lyon.

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June 18 – 25th, Origami for Japan team was back in Japan, mainly Sendai for Tanabata festival preparations and voluntary work in Natori and Ishinomaki

DHL, die multinationales, in mehr als 220 Ländern tätiges Unternehmen, unterstützt diese Initiative. In mehreren Städten wie Bonn (DE), Prag (CZ), Kuala Lumpur und Tempe (USA) werden Papierkraniche gefaltet.

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Origamifalten für Japan in der ganzen Welt

„Origami for Japan“ und anderen Initiativen weltweit möchten Japan unterstützten. Wir schaffen es gemeinsam!

March 11 onwards/USA – The Million Crane Project (The Million Crane Project is a student-driven, nation-wide effort to raise awareness in America, and show America’s support for Japan in the wake of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan on March 11. We have united 83 schools, universities and other organizations in a massive crane-folding endeavor, and more schools are still joining everyday.)
http://studentsrebuild.org/ have mobilized well established network in US and Canada and managed to collect almost a million of paper cranes (as of end of April), matched up with 400 000 USD in fund raising.
March 11 onwards/USA – One Million Cranes initiative (Children from 1,000 US schools or groups will make 1,000 origami cranes, and contribute $1.00 for each crane they make. Together, children will make ONE MILLION CRANES, and send one million dollars to the people of Japan.)
March 11 onwards/France – Solidarity events accross France
Mar 30/Astronauts Fold ‘Extraterrestrial’ Origami Cranes for Japan Disaster Victims
March 30/Whitesville – Local Girl Scouts Make Origami Cranes for Japan
MARCH 31/Greenville – Origami cranes help Upstate children respond to crisis in Japan
April 1/Escuela Verde (Brazil) – Origami cranes raise funds for Japanese disaster
April 1/North Jersey – ACS students fold 1,000 origami cranes for Japan
April 1/MANITOWOC - Origami cranes project being sent to Japan to support victims of earthquake, tsunami
April 2/US – Origami Paper Cranes for Japan : Girl Scout Project
April 2/US – US School Girls Make 1000 Origami for Japan
April 3/Pasadena, California – American girl offer 1,000 origami crane for Japan
April 3/Cambridge – Origami Sundays
April 4/Lancaster – Positive paperwork: Students sell origami hearts to aid Japan
April 4/Oxford – Origami Project to Benefit Japanese Disaster Victims
April 4/Manila - Metro kids offer peace cranes
April 5/Fold Origami Cranes for Japan – The library is hosting an origami workshop
April 5/New Lenox – Bentley Students Send Origami to Japan
April 5/Webster – Students use origami to raise money for Japan
April 5/La Coruña – Gracias por vuestras grullas!
April 6/Origami fundraiser for Japan at Clemson
April 17/Calgary – Night of 1000 Cranes

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Weitere Events zu Gunsten für Japan

http://www.schoolcones-for-japan.com/ - Help kids in Japan! Donate funds for school cone and receive a smile :) .  Wir möchten 1000 Schultüten an Erst- und Zweitklässler im Norden von Japan verteilen (wenn die Resonanz gross ist, würden wir es auch gern weiter ausweiten). Hierzu benötigen wir finanzielle Unterstützung, um die Tüten zu füllen sowie um diese zu beliefern. Herlitz stellt uns schon 1000 Schultüten zur Verfügung und DHL wird diese kostenfrei nach Japan und zu den Kindern liefern, aber wir müssen noch die Füllung kaufen sowie beim persönlichen Transport in die Schulen helfen.

ending May 31/Compiègne jusqu’au 31 mai 2011 – funds collection in Compiegne
March 29/Prague – Beneficiary Concert
April 2/Rouen – Concert de soutien – solidarity concert in Rouen
April 3/Prague – Czech philharmony for Japan

May 6-10/Saint Romain le Puy – truly artistic origami event for the benefit of Japan – show of folding origami carrying story in a calligraphy whilst the story is being told by the artist

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Unternehmen helfen Japan

Coca-Cola Enterprises pledge to 2.5 Billion Yen (US$31 Million) for Relief and Rebuilding Efforts in Japan
Johnson & Johnson has committed $8 million in funds in addition to considerable product donations of medical supplies and consumer hygiene products
Wal-Mart Stores is making a $5 million donation for emergency relief efforts
General Electric company will commit $5 million in cash, equipment and services; ¥100 million (USD$1.25 million) to the Red Cross; ¥100 million (USD$1.25 million) to Miyagi Prefecture Disaster Response Fund; USD $0.7 million in healthcare-related product; GE employees from 26 countries have pledged more than $500,000 in cash
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. commits $5 million in Aid
Walt Disney to donate $2.5 million

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