Tanabata festival
In order to convey world’s message “Japan you are not alone” to the people affected by the earthquake, Origami for Japan together with Million Crane Project presented…
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200 000+ cranes delivered to Sendai!
The chains of 200 000+ cranes collected together with Million Cranes Project were just delivered to Sendai
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L´Oreal de Paris Origami Event
5000+ cranes folded during the L’Oreal de Paris Citizen Day…
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Preparations for Tanabata Festival in Sendai
Origami team has been visiting Sendai and Tokyo again in order to help with preparations of Origami for Japan attendance at Tanabata Festival in Sendai.
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Origami team in Tokyo and Sendai
Part of Origami team went to Tokyo and Sendai and presented the idea of Origami for Japan initiative to the audience – to managers and students as well as sold several of bright orange polo-shirts…
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Origami team at Queens Day Event
On the weekend April 29th/May a part of Origami for Japan team travelled to Amsterdam for Queen’s Mother Day event…
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Folding cranes at the Naprstek Museum
On March 26th and 27th, a chain of thousand origami cranes for Japan was folded at Naprstek Museum in Prague.
Origami Event in DHL in Tempe, Arizona
“On April 19th, we created 1,000 origami cranes in our location Tempe, Arizona. Our employees went to an elementary school and …”
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We took Prague DHL employees to the beautiful city of Sendai during time of Aoba Matsuri spring festival. Besides possibility to explore the city via visiting Aoba dori, Ichibanchou and Kokubunchou resemblings in the room layout and via screen shows, attendees…
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In the atmosphere of love and peace, Kuala Lumpur DHL employees gathered in good attendance and folded their 1000 cranes.
“The people were really supportive, once they stepped into the room, they started folding straight away. We designated …

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With the sounds of soft Japanese music in the background, Bonn and Darmstad DHL employees tried their hand…

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Jan and friends folding origami cranes
Jan could not resist his friends striving to provide their bit of support to Japan and whilst spending quality time together in the restaurant, they managed to fold 50 cranes as well :)
“Tranor Lund”
Mikael Elias Teoretiska Gymnasium in Lund
(c) Lars Brundin
“Tranor Konsum”
High school in Lund
(c) Yvonne Johansson
“Kraniche für Japan/Cranes for Japan” event
Berlin March 26th
1 million Cranes For Japan Initiative
1 million Cranes For Japan Initiative
1 million Cranes For Japan Initiative
1 million Cranes For Japan Initiative
One Million Cranes for Japan Initiative, USA
Since March 11th, 2011 

Origamiforjapan.org have partnered up with The Million Crane Project in the endeavor to deliver as many crane chains as possible  to Japan / Sendai for display during Tanabata festival and potentially for memorial event on 11th of March 2012. Currently 205 000 chains with representation of 10 countries from Million Crane Project are already in Sendai, delivered by DHL Global Forwarding from Princeton / US.

Submit your pictures of 1000 origami cranes to origamiforjapan@gmail.com and we will then facilitate photos distribution to the hospitals and refuge centers in Tohoku area as well as display them on our pages along with text that you submit.

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