We, Origami for Japan, intend to match each crane delivered to Japan Sendai venue with 1 USD per crane and provide donation along with the origami chains to those in hospitals and shelters in Tohoku area.

In cooperation with all other origami initiatives for Japan worldwide, we target to deliver 1,000,000 cranes along with 1,000,000 USD donation to Japan. To raise the funds, we intend to sell 100,000 Origami for Japan polo shirts worldwide.

The ordering system will be available soon, and we would like to start preliminary booking so that we can have adequate amount of shirts produced for delivery in the particular country.

The shirts are beautiful bright orange Sol’s model 2011 with white Origami for Japan logo on the front, having “Join The Common Spirit” title on the left shoulder and www.origamiforjapan.org link on the back. For your comfort those are made of fine 100% cotton.

The price is set to 20 EUR / 30 USD / 3000 JPY.

We will inform you to your e-mail as soon as the shirts become available for order and distribution.

Thank you!

Your, Origami for Japan team

Please fill out this form, so we can contact you right away when the polo shirts are ready to be distributed.


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